There are three (3) separate residential projects that serve thirty (30) adults living with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) and/or co-occurring disorders that are currently homeless. The programs include:

  • The supervised independent living apartments that serve ten (10) individuals. This program provides seven (7) apartments for ten (10) males/females with SPMI.
  • The permanent group home serves 8 individuals in a Group Home setting. This program is serving eight (8) males with SPMI with 24 hour care in a group home setting.
  • The Wren Way Group Homes serve 12 individuals in a group home setting. This program provides 24 hour care and supportive services to twelve (12) individuals with SPMI and co-occurring disorders/disabilities living in a group home setting. They are currently residing in two (2) group homes with each housing six (6) males/females.

These programs allow individuals, who otherwise may be subject to further institutionalization or homelessness, to live in a less restrictive environment while preparing them to move in the direction of recovery and independence. Hope for recovery is reflected in all treatments, services, and supports.

NAMI St. Tammany provides qualified, trained staff to ensure supervision of the residences at all times. These projects are maintained in compliance will all applicable standards and operations of HUD and the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH)/Bureau of Health Standards/Adult Residential Care. Staff includes individuals who are trained Peer Support Specialists (PSS), providing residents and staff with access to those already modeling recovery. In addition to assisting residents achieve higher independence, they provide services that include education, advocacy and peer support both individually and in groups.

As part of the overall Continuum of Care, we avail the clients of resourses necessary to maintain or advance their income. This is done both in the community and through internal resources involving caseworkers and administration. Within the community we have formed partnerships with the common objective of incorporating individuals into the public sector as contributing citizens.

In each project, clients are assisted with ADL’s, IADL’s and receive life skills training in the major areas needed for independence. Medical, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Dental, Money, Medication and Home Management services are also provided. Transportation is provided to assist with accessing community resources and employment. Clients receive services to assist them in achieving greater independence and afford them an opportunity to save and budget money to secure housing independence in the community.

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